Is credit and debit card processing for High-risk illegal?

No—it is a common misconception that credit and debit card processing for High-risk is illegal. All monetary payments made through 2TOP’s merchant systems are compliant with FinCEN and the Bank Secrecy Act. 2TOP ensures that your business will be fully compliant with federal law, and will not be under scrutiny from FinCEN or any other federal government entities.

Why should I switch to a 2TOP card?

The future of the High-risk industry is in real payment processing solutions, and 2TOP is the leader in this field. With a team of legal and technical experts, 2TOP has created an industry-leading platform that will transform the way dispensaries across the United States make financial transactions.

With 2TOP’s advanced payment platform you will be able to pay suppliers and other stakeholders electronically. Your customers will also be able to make electronic payments using their cards. Our specifically designed merchant account will transform your bill payments and reports processing, increasing the efficiently and security of your income and outgoings.

Is having a merchant account better and more profitable than trading with cash?

Yes—cash payments can be difficult to track and record. Through our merchant account system you can easily track, record and store your business’ financial transaction data. Due to this, having a merchant account with 2TOP is safer, more secure and more efficient than cash payments.


What if there is a change in the financial banking situation?

The level of our research towards creating a product fully compliant with federal law has led us to becoming the primary provider of transparent credit and debit merchant processing services for cannabis dispensaries in the United States. Because of our popularity within the industry, we are able to keep rates low. Our payment system remits real-time sales tax and applicable excise payments, increasing financial support and streamlining payments processing for all parties, meaning that our rates stay stable.

I have a bank or credit union. How can I benefit from 2TOP’s services?

Banks and credit unions face the same problem providing merchant services to dispensaries as other providers, and they also need a qualified sponsor bank and acquirer willing to underwrite your merchant account. Even with this, you would still need to source a credit card service. 2TOP are happy to discuss this with your bank or credit union.

How will a 2TOP card be profitable to my dispensary?

A 2TOP card offers a safe, universal way for customers to make payments to your dispensary. These cards can be easily topped up online using a regular bank account. The 2TOP card means that you will no longer need to accept other means of payment, for which there may be additional charges. It can be used at many dispensaries like any other form of chip and pin payment system. Not only will the 2TOP card contribute towards the ease of transactions at your dispensary, but also increase the level of customers who come to your business.