Meeting industry demand

There is a powerful demand for merchant accounts for High-risk businesses in the United States. Without access to basic banking facilities businesses are missing out on services enjoyed by the vast majority of other business kinds.

In partnership with 2TOP payment solutions your business will gain access to these services, allowing greater scope for financial growth. The future of the High-risk industry is in real payment processing solutions and financial services for marijuana merchant accounts, and 2TOP is the leader in this field.

Real payment solutions

Secure, fully compliant electronic payments are standard in almost all customer and tender situations. They allow for accurate records and carefully managed cash flow.

With 2TOP’s advanced payment platform you will be able to pay suppliers and other stakeholders electronically. Your customers will also be able to make electronic payments using their cards.


Transform bill payments and reporting

Using secure electronic payments that go to and from a merchant account will transform your bill payments and reports processes, increasing efficiently and the security of your income and outgoings.

Spend less time chasing bills and matching invoices, save the cost of managing cash and get paid faster with cleared payments deposited into your account in real time. Export CSV files directly from the system, which then can be uploaded directly into your preferred business accounting software.


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