Card payment
processing for
High-risk merchants

Closed loop payment network for business transactions

2TOP provides a secure, closed loop card-based payment network that can be used by High-risk merchant customers. Our High-risk merchant credit card processing systems are fully compliant and built on a platform developed over fifteen years by legal and payments industry experts.

High-risk merchant using 2TOP payment systems will be able to use the BPay Marketplace to pay suppliers and other supply chain stakeholders. This means safer, more efficient payment processing, and more straightforward reporting.

Closed Loop Payment Cards for customers

Customers of your legal marijuana dispensary use credit and debit cards every day in transactions with other kinds of businesses.

Many people hardly use cash, and the idea of having to go to a physical ATM and withdraw cash will limit their purchases at your dispensary.

Loading and reloading a 2TOP card is a simple process that can be done on any computer. Your customers are able to use their 2TOP card like any other credit or debit card in your store, making the purchasing process faster and simpler for both customers and employees.

As any retailer knows, using Credit and Debit will also increase your per ticket sales, and therefore your profits.


Attractive, co-branded designs

2TOP provides your High-risk merchant with eye-catching co-branded cards, increasing customer loyalty and the visibility of your brand.

With co-branded cards you can develop new ideas for marketing your dispensary. Every time a customer makes a purchase they will associate it with your brand, and word-of-mouth customer referrals will increase. Potential new customers will be attracted by the fact your dispensary offers card payment options to customers, and that you can offer attractive payment cards as part of your service.

  • "2TOP has proved to be an asset to our business on many levels. Since we launched 2TOP we have seen an uptick in daily customer count and most importantly a drastic increase in order size when a customer uses the 2TOP card. Furthermore, from a banking standpoint, there has been no lag in receiving funds. Technical support has been excellent when we have needed it. All in all, the system has given us zero headaches and has been extremely easy to integrate with our day to day processes. Go 2TOP!"
    Michael Chappell Owner - Silver Stem, Portland Oregon

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