platform for
High-risk merchants

Transforming payment processing

Payments for most High-risk merchant in the United States and Worldwide involves handling and managing cash. This process is time-consuming, costly, inefficient and in some situations presents concerns with regards to customer and employee safety.

2TOPPay enables faster and more secure transactions, giving you the chance to process and record more customer payments on any given business day.

Operating within a secure, electronic and fully compliant payment system 2TOPPay in your store will be part of an entirely new payments process.

2TOP has designed this process in order to bring real payment processing services to dispensaries, allowing for greater efficiency, legitimacy, and growth.

Simple processing for staff and customers

A recent study by the payments industry showed that 75% of all payments in America are credit and debit card based. That same study also shows that customers using credit and debit spent, on average, 20% more than if they were using cash. 


2TOPPay has also been designed to be intuitive and streamlines the transaction process for your staff. New staff members learn the system quickly, and in the long term your dispensary will save significantly on the time and overhead involved in relying on cash transactions.


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